1WireHome Estate

Welcome to the 1WireHome.net demo for home temperature monitoring.

Temperatures are monitored using DS-18S20 sensors in high-resolution mode and the master controller is the DS-9490r.

Temperature data is saved to the Cloud every minute and this site runs in the Cloud and uses such data.

The temperature database in the cloud currently holds 10,536,246 records!
The oldest record in the Temperature table is dated: 8/5/2015 8:56:00 PM CST.

Temperatures as of 4/26/2018 9:17:39 PM CST
For Zip Code 75056
beta version 0.4
Server: WIN-7E62R4IDAB7

Outside - West


High 72.61°F at 6:21p
Low 48.31°F at 6:40a

Entrance Hallway


High 74.19°F at 9:10p
Low 68.56°F at 6:01a

Master Bedroom


High 74.98°F at 8:56p
Low 68.11°F at 5:54a

Attic Floor


High 73.18°F at 9:17p
Low 68.00°F at 6:07a

Attic Peak


High 118.29°F at 1:47p
Low 50.00°F at 5:55a

Hallway Plenum


High 118.40°F at 6:11a
Low 60.01°F at 5:58a

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